Fonts zerfleddert / unschoen (englischer text)

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Fonts zerfleddert / unschoen (englischer text)

Beitrag von microdigi » 17. Dezember 2004 11:01

we have nasty difficulties and inconvenience with fonts.

whatever i specify in the qt-designer - it obviously does not matter.
the font changes with any release of our software.
and especially if we move to different linux distributions.
it changes at will. and it looks always ugly.

we need just two fonts:

one monospace (in variuos sizes)
we use courier 10 pitch today

one proportional font
sans serife is that favorite.

how can i be CERTAIN
that these two fonts are really used
in the final application?
presumed they exist on the system at all.

if tried to attach a font to the application
as taken from examples, but it still changes at will.

any help is very much appreciated.

whish you a merry christmas.

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Beitrag von nando » 17. Dezember 2004 15:36

if you are sure the font you want to use is installed on the base system AND if you are sure that your X has antialiased fonts enabled
there shouldn't be any problems.
i apply the master font if the application simply with


The parameter MyFont a QFont object.

I only have problems when i try to run the application on a system where either the selected fonts aren't installed or like mention above the X enviroment doesn't support antialiasing.


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Beitrag von gandalf » 17. Dezember 2004 19:24

for my opinion you should make a test of installed fonds before starting software and you should then define other fonds to use if your favourit font isn't installed take care that you can avoid to a font that schould be installed of most platforms

cheers gandalf
benutzte QT 3.2 nc auf w2k