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von Sebastian
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Forum: Entwicklungsumgebungen
Thema: QTCreator - qDebug-Meldungen werden nicht ausgegeben
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Re: QTCreator - qDebug-Meldungen werden nicht ausgegeben

Hi Guys,instaup
By going through these steps and checking your code's logging implementation along with the Qt Creator settings, you should be able to diagnose and potentially resolve the issue of qDebug messages not being output in Qt Creator.
von Sebastian
30. Oktober 2023 21:27
Forum: KDE Programmierung
Thema: Style unter KDE4
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Re: Style unter KDE4

Styles in this context are essentially plugins, and they load dynamically, so there isn't traditional documentation. To set the style, use "QApplication::setStyle()" with the argument "oxygen". Alternatively, use qtconfig to set it to "Desktop Settings (default)" to ali...